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Interview with Antonio Nespoli from Barilla G. e R. Fratelli

Antonio Nespoli , Q&FS Governance Director of Barilla G. e R. Fratelli speaks to us ahead of his presentation at this year's P&P!

Could you please give us a quick snapshot about the insights that you’ll share during your presentation?
Through examples, I will try to give food industry point of view about FCM producers’ maturity for Food safety culture. The specific focus will be given about Food equipment vs primary packaging.

How to overcome main challenges regarding compliance & risk assessment in food contact materials?
Since food safety is not a competitive topic, sharing knowledge, best practices and risk assessment approach will surely help all FCM business sector to quickly manage existing and emerging challenges

What would the industry benefit from the P&P Conference 2018?
Inviting both FCM producing and utilizers to give their perspective about challenges and possible sinergies, it creates a powerful bridge among different parts of supply chain that will accelerate the growing maturity of risk assessment about FCM.