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Nestle Discusses Challenges to Eliminate Chemicals of Concern in Food Packaging

Smithers: What are the concepts or principles that shape how Nestlé faces challenges in packaging while maintaining safety compliance and quality?

Dr. Stephen Klump: Nestlé places paramount importance on the safety of its products, which includes its packaging materials.  To follow regulations is not enough – Nestle goes beyond regulations to address consumer concerns. 

Smithers: Dr. Klump, are you aware of any new materials coming to the fore in the field of food contact which you believe will benefit the industry?

Dr. Stephen Klump: From a packaging safety perspective, I have seen a trend in the approach the food packaging material suppliers take when developing a new material.  The trend involves evaluation of the recipe for chemicals of concern before development.  My predecessor at Nestlé called this “safety by design” and it is great to see that this principle is being applied.

Smithers: Where do you expect to see the biggest changes in the food contact industry in the next few years?

Dr. Stephen Klump: There seems to be desire for global food packaging regulations.  The arrival of the Chinese GB regulations could influence a large segment of the globe and become the model.

Smithers: What are you most looking forward to at Food Contact & Additives 2017?

Dr. Stephen Klump: The presentations at FC&A2017 look to be superb.  I look forward to listening to the presentations.  In addition, I look forward to networking with everyone who attends this event.