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Interview with Sebastian Gierisch from Huber Group

Ahead of this Global Food Contact this May, Sebastian Gierisch from Huber Group tells us what we can expect at this year's conference.

Smithers: Why do you think it is important to attend the Global Food Contact conference in May?

Sebastien Gierisch: To get an up-to-date picture of the global FCM regulatory status, activities and industrial approaches, and to exchange with members of the global supply chain.

Smithers: What do you feel will be the most exciting developments in the Global Food Contact landscape in the next 5 years?

Sebastien Gierisch: The EU measure on printed food contact materials.

Smithers: What are the main challenges the GFC industry is facing and how do you think this conference can address them?

Sebastien Gierisch: Food packaging compliance issues get media coverage and often get high public attention. This may damage the affected brands. To avoid this, all members of the packaging chain must apply and continuously advance and refine their food manufacturing practices. As product streams get more and more global, regulations around the globe must be considered.

Smithers: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the Global Food Contact EU conference in Rome?

Sebastien Gierisch: The latest information from the European Commission on the developing measure on printed food contact materials.

Smithers: Why should delegates attend the Global Food Contact conference and what are the top three over riding takeaways they will receive?

Sebastien Gierisch: Knowledge of ongoing regulatory activities and exchange of views of industrial members of the packaging chain will allow more reliable planning and help in making the right decisions.

Smithers: Can you provide a brief summary of what your presentation will cover?

Sebastien Gierisch: I will give an overview on the European regulatory status of FCM printing inks (EU and Switzerland) and will present the European printing ink industry's approach and guidances with regard to GMP, risk assessment, and information exchange.