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What does the FDA have to say about food safety and compliance?

Smithers: As a regulator how important it is for the FDA to develop new tools for toxicological and environmental assessment?

Dr. Kirk Arvidson: The FDA is a science based organization and strives to use the most up-to-date scientific methodologies to support our regulatory mission.  The FDA's role is to help industry understand their legal responsibilities and ensure their compliance with the law. Our scientific experts are engaged with other government scientists whose primary mission is to advance toxicological research, and they actively monitor the scientific literature to ensure that we use the most current methodologies in evaluating the safety of substances that are either added or come into contact with food. 

Smithers: The role of regulators is highly important to ensure safe products for the population, how conferences of this nature will help FDA and the industry? 


Dr. Kirk Arvidson: These conferences are a great opportunity to promote stronger relationships with our industry partners in order to foster our shared goal of ensuring a safe food supply in the U.S.

Smithers: What are you most looking forward to at Food Contact & Additives 2017?

Dr. Kirk Arvidson: I am looking forward to engaging with my counterparts in industry and academia.


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