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Exclusive Interview with Weldon Williams of HAVI

Smithers: What do you consider some of the biggest challenges today assuring quality in the food industry?

Weldon Williams: In my space, the biggest challenges today assuring quality in the food industry revolve around product transparency. Consumers increasingly want to know what is in and on their food. Key to that is ensuring that food is not inadvertently contaminated by packaging. With advances in scientific research, substances that have historically been believed to be safe are being identified as potentially harmful to human health. 

Smithers: What are the new technologies within the food contact industry that you feel are going to benefit the industry?

Weldon Williams: I believe that the development of rapid screening methods will reduce overall testing costs. However, I also believe that responsible handling of the results will be critical for ensuring not only food packaging safety but also maintain scientific integrity.

Smithers: Where do you think we will see the biggest change in the food contact industry within the next few years?

Weldon Williams: I believe the biggest changes in the food industry will continue to revolve around the improved detection methods, specifically focusing on quick, less expensive processes to detect contamination.

Smithers: What are you most looking forward to at Food Contact & Additives 2017?

Weldon Williams: I am most looking forward to hearing of the challenges that my colleagues are facing related to food contact materials and understanding their concerns related to packaging so that I can leverage that knowledge to provide safer, more environmentally solutions.