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60 seconds with Silvia Larrucea from GCR Group

Ahead of her presentation at this year's Plastics & Paper in Contact with Foodstuffs, we interviews Silvia Larrucea from GCR Group about her presentation and what she thinks are the key developments for the industry.

Smithers: What do you feel will be the most exciting developments in the P&P landscape in the next 5 years?

Silvia Larrucea: I feel that the most exciting development in the plastic market is related to more presence of biopolymers with and without mineral filler.

Smithers: How do you think these developments impact on strategy for developing new FCM throughout the supply chain?

Silvia Larrucea: These developments can open different ways in the FCM packaging compliance and their impact in the supply chain.

Smithers: Can you give us a taster of what delegates will expect to hear in your presentation?

Silvia Larrucea: The compliance with European Regulation 10/2011 in masterbatch with mineral filler and different cases in which migration tests have been carried out according to this Regulation.

Smithers: What are you most looking forward to at the 2017 P&P conference in December?

Silvia Larrucea: Different cases to comply with FCM packaging in plastic market, new developments and techniques, sharing and exchanging information...