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TCL develops cook-in-bag pouch for fish meals

UK converter TCL Packaging has announced the launch of a new format of transparent printed flexible plastic packaging named DoyPack.

The stand-up pouch is constructed from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It was developed in cooperation with B&G Products, which helped design a new bag conversion technique to create it. It is certified for microwave or conventional oven cooking at temperatures in excess of 200°C; as well as frozen storage.

Doypack will have its market debut later in 2016, with a new line of fish ready meals sold by UK supermarket chain Asda.

Markus Jarvstrom, TCL technical director, says: ‘This is a technically complex and innovative product that we expect to transform how certain foods are packed.

‘[It] offers a real alternative for products such as sauces, ready meals, and soups currently sold in rigid plastic and glass packs. It reduces packaging and waste and is recyclable at appropriate facilities.’

The performance of the DoyPack has been independently certified by the testing arm of Smithers Pira.

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