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Sonoco introduces TruVue multi-layer plastic can

On 4 December, Sonoco announced it is looking to revolutionise consumer food packaging, with a new retort plastic can.

Named TruVue, the US packaging firm believes it has the potential to displace metal cans for sauces, soups, fruit and vegetables, and wet pet food. In so doing it offers a new option in segments that are increasingly looking to switch into flexible pouch format packaging.

TruVue offers some unique advantages – principally supermarket shoppers will be able inspect retort sealed goods before buying, because the plastic container is clear. Sonoco CEO Jack Saunders explains: ‘Changing consumer demands are driving the need for innovation among premium brands promising freshness, authenticity and improved quality from simpler ingredients.

‘With more than 47,000 products competing for attention in the average supermarket, standing out from the crowd is increasingly important. This is especially true for processed and shelf-stable foods – products traditionally sold in a metal can in the centre of the store, an area which is losing share to fresh products found on the perimeter.

‘This new solution creates multiple placement opportunities around the store, including high-traffic areas like the perimeter.’

The body of TruVue is formed of multi-layer plastic fitted with a familiar metal top and base. The process for forming the containers – named Fusion Freshlock – has been developed and patent protected by Sonoco.

The metal ends of the hybrid can facilitate the transfer of heat in a retort oven at a superior rate to other plastic alternatives. The plastic is formed without use of bisphenol A – a pressing concern for the can segment – and can be integrated into exist filling lines without new capital investment.

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