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Positive plastics list for South America tabled

A bio-based substitute for bisphenol-A has won second place in the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year category during the 2016 Bio-Based Innovation Awards.

The move will be a revision of trade bloc’s GMC Resolution 32/07 issued nine years ago. The draft revision is set to be approved in 2017, once several remaining points are resolved, according to an article by Keller & Heckman in the National Law Review.

The revision has been handled by Mercosur’s Food Packaging Group. The regulation will continue to cover additives of many types – such as, antioxidants, foaming agents, lubricants, plasticisers, solvents and surfactants – including the setting of specific migration limits for some of them.

The updated list has provisionally been designated Resolution 03/13. Among the issues still to be resolved are whether it should adopt the definition of ‘functional barrier’ given in the EU’s Plastics Regulation 10/2011; and whether solvents and other polymer production aids should instead be regulated by their own law. Brazil is one leading Mercosur member backing both these options.

The status of printing inks and polymeric coatings under Resolution 03/13 also needs to be decided before the Food Packaging Group can conclude its work.

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