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Eric Greenberg gives insight on why US regulatory developments are important to the food contact industry

Eric Greenberg, PC concentrates his practice in food and drug law, packaging law, and commercial litigation. His food and drug work has included regulatory counseling, new product development, negotiation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on numerous levels, handling recalls, and defending enforcement actions. Smithers recently spoke with Eric about what he is most looking forward to at the Food Contact Training this November, in Cleveland, OH. 

Smithers:  What are some big challenges facing the Food Contact indsutry right now?

Eric Greenberg: When it comes to the realm of law and regulation affecting the food contact industry, the overall level of activity is higher than it has been in many years. New laws and their related implementing regulations, activitst NGOs, and emerging consumer preferences are among the forces that result in the need for food contact materials makers and users to be more active and diligent than ever. 

Smithers: What are some of the most exciting innovations going on in the industry right now?

Eric Greenberg: The creativity of the industry is always impressive and surprising. The industry can be expected to continue to pursue food contact materials employing nanotechnology, for exmaple, and active and intelligent functionalities, and to pioneer efforts to respond to new and different consumer demands relating to specific substances. Many of these creative new developments raise challenging questions about the regulatory treatment that applies to them. 

Smithers: Why are US regulatory developments so important to the industry right now?

Eric Greenberg: Generally, because food safety has been the subject of important recent changes, and more specifically because those changes are leading to increased attention to food contact substances. Companies who make, use or sell food contact materials are well advised to devote more resources and care to assuring the legal compliance of those materials and their uses of them.