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Diamond Wipes launches new restaurant sanitation line

On 23 September, California-based Diamond Wipes announced two new product launches – Handyclean Table Cleaning Wipes and Handyclean Rinse-Free Sanitizing Wipe.

These are intended for use in sanitising food contact surfaces in restaurants. They will be made available through US distributors before the close of 2017, and are being sold in an easy-to-use flexible pack.

Diamond Wipes senior vice president of sales Joseph Smith comments: ‘We originally introduced the Handyclean brand of wipes to the foodservice market a few years back. They clean exceptionally well and are very convenient. Many customers have switched to using these labour-saving wipes rather than mixing, spraying chemicals and wiping [surfaces] down with rags. But the original bulk pouch packaging was little too big for [waiting] staff as they turned tables. We listened to the feedback and madechanges.’

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