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Clariant launches new line of aroma-enhanced packaging

A revamped olfactory packaging technology is being rolled out by the Switzerland-based Clariant.

Announced on 26 May, this is an improvement on Clariant’s existing Aroma-Can scent-infused canisters. These canisters are designed to be embedded seamlessly into a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical container, to improve the consumer’s experience of a product as they open the pack.

Robert Crossno, head of sales for Clariant healthcare packaging in the Americas, explains: ‘Smell can enhance or detract from the experience of using a product or the decision to make a repeat purchase.

'Products such as fish oil tablets and herbal supplements often emit odours that are unpleasant or unappealing to end users. A favourable scent within the product packaging can mask unpleasant odours or help enhance odourless products, such as vitamins.’

The Aroma-Can line is now available with three food-grade flavours – vanilla, orange and lemon. The updated line is designed to operate in existing canister insertion lines at throughput rates of up to 300 units per minute.

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