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Cinnamon oil active packaging demonstrated in Spain

Scientists from the University of Zaragoza and from the packaging company Goglio have devised a new procedure to incorporate an antimicrobial agent into a multilayer active material.

They describe the method and the successful results with cinnamon essential oil in both inoculated culture media (in vitro) and tomato purée (in vivo) in a paper published in the October edition of the journal LWT-Food Science and Technology.

The material they use has three laminated substrates — polyester, aluminium, and polyethylene — joined by two adhesive layers. The antimicrobial substances are incorporated into the solvent-based adhesive that joins the polyethylene and aluminium layers.

Migration assays they carried out confirm that cinnamaldehyde – the major component of cinnamomum zeylanicum – is released progressively from the active material in high concentrations.

Among their conclusions the researchers say the procedure might be used for active packaging without a significant increase in the cost of production. They make an important point: the chemical composition of the adhesive is critical to get the reported antimicrobial activity.

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