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RSPH calls for activity equivalence food packaging

In the UK, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has suggested mandatory labelling of food packs with the exercise necessary to burn an equivalent number of calories.

A policy paper from the charity claims the move would curb obesity in the UK population. The society also commissioned a survey of the general public from Populus that showed 63% of respondents would support such a policy.

RSPH chief executive Shirley Cramer says: ‘Although nutritional information provided on food and drink packaging has improved, it is evident that it is not working as well as it could to support the public in making healthy choices. Activity equivalent calorie labelling provides a simple means of making the calories contained within food and drink more relatable to people’s everyday lives, while also gently reminding consumers of the need to maintain active lifestyles and a healthy weight.

‘Given the responsibility of the food industry in tackling the obesity epidemic we believe activity equivalent calorie labelling could provide the nudge many people need to be more active and support their customers to make healthier choices.’

Samples from the RSPH calculate that a blueberry muffin requires 48 minutes of walking at approximately 3-5 miles per hour, or 25 minutes running 5 miles per hour to burn its 265 calories. Other samples show the equivalent exercise required while cycling or swimming.

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