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New green paperboards brought to market

Two separate paperboard products – marketed based on their improved environmental performance – were launched in the final week of January.

The first is EarthBoard, produced by California-based Smart Planet Technologies. It is based on recycled paperboard stock – Hi-Q SC and Hi-Q SI – sourced from its Korean partner Hansol. EarthBoard contains a mineralised barrier layer – EarthCoating – to prevent migration of hazardous substances from recycled paper material.

EarthCoating is reported to be compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, making Earthboard suitable for food contact applications that have traditionally avoided recycled paper products. It also gives containers water- and grease-resistant properties, as well as a bright appearance and good printability.

The final two factors will allow EarthBoard to approach higher value segments, such as folding cartons for cosmetic and personal care products.

The second new launch takes a different approach to lowering the carbon footprint of paperboard packaging. Veritiv has partnered with the paper and pulp division of Carvajal to produce a line of paperboard made from 100% sugar cane fibres, rather than wood.

Named Earth Pact Sugar Cane, the developers note its feedstock can be harvested every 12-14 months, and requires no bleaching or other potentially polluting chemicals during production.

The company notes that grease- and water-repellent grades of the sugar cane board will be made available.

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