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Michelman expands flexible food contact materials coating range

On 12 May, Michelman announced the introduction of a new water-based heat-seal coating – Michem Flex HS268.

It is based on a high molecular weight polyolefin without volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The manufacturer is positioning it for use in sealing multilayer flexible food packaging, like laminated pouches. It notes that Michem Flex HS268 is ‘compliant with many EU and [Food and Drug Administration] food contact regulations.’

The water-resistant material can be applied to paper, metal foils, metallised surfaces and films. It can be used in conjunction with the Ohio-headquartered producers Michem P range of primers, and its Michem Lube portfolio of slip additives.

The new coating has been engineered to offer a number of advantages to converters working in the flexible packaging segment.

Flex HS268 has a broad heat sealing range, with a low bottom threshold. This means it can be employed in lines for temperature-sensitive  foods and other goods without damaging them. The low-temperature sealing also saves on energy costs, reduces the likelihood of damaging the substrate, and allows faster throughput on filling equipment.

The formulation of Flex HS268 has a high solid content and low viscosity, which minimises costs in transportation and storage, as well as cutting drying time, which adds a further speed boost when using it.

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