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Halopack gets launched with M&S food range

The commercial debut of an innovative modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) design constituted from recycled cartonboard is currently underway in the UK.

The Halopack is being used by Marks and Spencer (M&S) – a leading UK supermarket – to package its new Taste of the British Isles range.

Halopack has been developed by the UK-based Alexir. The recycled cardboard tray is protected by an ‘extensive’ ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier coating. This is combined with a proprietary inline filling technology, which allows the MAP format to prolong product shelf life.

One of the dishes in the new M&S range is the British classic – fish and chips. For this meal, the Halopack has been printed inside to resemble a newspaper, recreating a traditional seaside serving in a modern, food contact-approved format.

Tom Sene, sales director at Alexir, says: ‘The Halopack was ideal for this project as it is one of the most rigid, hermetically sealed board trays in the retail market. Furthermore, the material used in the manufacture complemented the newspaper-wrapped fish and chips design. The result is a fantastic-looking range and a product offering that gives stand-out on shelf against other formats; we trust it will be a huge success for M&S.’

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