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Differing EU and US compliance structures pose challenge for multilayer packaging converters

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The complex structures of flexible multilayer and multi-material multilayer (MMML) food packaging poses a challenge when demonstrating legal compliance. This is exacerbated by different regulatory structures in the US and the EU.

Speaking to Food Contact World, Robert Broughton, product safety manager for Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas, gives a synopsis of these differences, best practice, and recent and forthcoming changes which affect MMML compliance for food contact applications.


Broughton explains that in the US: ‘For a multi-material and multilayer packaging material, you have to check – assess – each layer for FDA [Food and Drug administration] compliance – often described as compositional compliance. Often this is as far as a supplier will go as they have no control over the final combination of materials being put together by a converter.’

It is the converter’s job to know the food type and processing conditions that the material will be subject to, Broughton says. The regulations are dealt with in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 716.170 as well as in the separate tables. The FDA now posts this information on its website to make it easier to gather information for dossiers on notifications of food contact substances...

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