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APPE extends ThermaLite hot-fill PET replacement jars

Five new sizes of PET food jars – intended as lightweight alternatives to glass – have been announced. They are part of an expansion of the ThermaLite range.

This is produced by Wales-based APPE, and is suitable for hot-fill up to 95°C and pasteurisation at slightly lower temperatures.

Mike Hanratty, APPE commercial and business development director, says: ‘This next generation of ThermaLite jars represents a considerable step change in the ability to use PET jars in the hotfilling and pasteurisation of food products.

‘We are delighted to be the only packaging specialist in Europe to offer this technology. The new additions to the range reflect the confidence we have in the product, plus the very substantial filler, retail and consumer benefits ThermaLite brings to the market.’

ThermaLite is already in use, with an octagonal 375ml jar employed by Marks & Spencer. The PET jars are suitable for pasta and other cooking sauces, jams, spreads, and pickled vegetables. The new sizes range from 212ml to 720ml, and all have a 63mm opening, fitted with a metal twist-off cap.

The expanded range is following the wider industry trend towards lightweighting via material substitution). APPE estimates that its new containers are as much as 85% lighter than glass equivalents. This, and associated reductions that can be made in secondary packaging, should lead to supply chain efficiencies. The producer claims that, for every 10 million jars shipped in ThermaLite, 24% fewer haulage journeys would be required.

The glass-replacement plastics offer good clarity on the shelf and are shatterproof. The system is designed for seamless integration into existing filling equipment configured for glass jars. APPE notes that in making such a switch: ‘Line downtime and batch spoilage due to breakage is virtually eliminated [and] noise levels in the production environment are reduced.’

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