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Linde introduces MAP gas line to Canada

The Canadian division of multinational gases supplier Linde is releasing a new set of inert gases for use in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

This range is called Mapax. It is composed of different mixes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. By carefully configuring the relative concentrations of these to the food being packed, Linde reports that the shelf life of meat can be boosted by a factor of up to three. The gases are also credited with as much as quadrupling the shelf life of baked goods.

The Mapax platform can be used in tray, pouch, and bag format plastic packaging.

Drew Sansom, business manager for food and beverage gases at Linde Canada, says: ‘We are launching the Linde Mapax product line, developed by Linde global food specialists, to provide Canadian food processers with superior products and services to meet the growing consumer trend toward fresh prepared foods.

‘We will be supplying some pre-mixed gases, which are based on Linde’s wealth of experience in this arena, that are developed for a variety of food products. More importantly, however, we will also customise mixtures to suit individual food processor’s needs.’

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