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France considers appeal against BPA ban

The highest court in the French judicial structure is now reviewing an industry appeal against the country’s prohibition on use of bisphenol A (BPA) in food packaging.

The petition was lodged in February by pan-European trade body Plastics Europe in February 2015, after France implemented the ban at the beginning of this year (see Food Contact World 3.2, 31 January 2015). Plastics Europe argues the law violates free trade principles of the European Union and cannot be justified under the precautionary principal for limiting chemicals in food packaging.

Plastics Europe maintains that actual BPA exposure from packaging is well below the safe level determined by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Jasmin Bird of the trade group’s PC/BPA taskforce says: ‘The French measure should be removed. It ignores existing harmonised EU food contact regulations; it is disproportionate; and it provides no additional safety benefit for consumers.’

The Constitutional Council of France is expected to issue its ruling on the appeal by mid-September 2015.

Plastics Europe head for Western Europe Michel Loubry says: ‘[The] law was initiated by French parliamentarians based on a very broad application of the precautionary principle. But today, health authorities in Europe and around the world repeatedly confirm that the use of BPA-based products in food contact presents no risk to consumers.


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