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Bosch and Lighthouse partnership evolves laser headspace scanning platform

German multinational Bosch has entered into a partnership with Lighthouse Instruments.

The new accord will leverage the US firm’s expertise in building laser technology to read the atmosphere inside the headspace of sealed packages.

The two companies plan to showcase their first joint solution on 15 June at the process industry event Achema in Frankfurt-au-Main.

The details of the partnership grant Bosch exclusive distribution rights for Lighthouse’s laser headspace analysis (HSA) platform for sales into pharmaceuticals segment. In this application it will be used to detect containers that have not fully sealed on a production line.

Lighthouse CEO Jim Veale says: ‘We are excited to contribute our expertise in state-of-the-art laser technology and to partner with Bosch Packaging Technology to offer the pharmaceutical industry best-in-class leak detection machines that will help customers achieve their goals for high product quality.

‘The partnership between Bosch and Lighthouse goes beyond mere supply cooperation – by joining efforts with Lighthouse, Bosch can offer customers best-in-class HSA technology, combined with extensive expert knowledge and consulting services.’

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