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Sun Chemical introduces SunSys water-based board coatings set

Sun Chemical is hoping to offer new options for barriers in paperboard food contact packaging with its SunSys aqueous coatings line.

The firm notes the range is compliant with US rules for food contact materials issued by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Coatings product manager at Sun Chemical Bob O’Boyle explains: ‘In today’s marketplace, there is a strong demand for convenience and on-the-go meals, but retailers that stock the products packed in paper-based containers with functional and barrier coatings, also want an environmentally friendly solution at a lower cost.’

The new range is suitable for use in flexo, gravure and rod coaters. Matte, gloss and satin finishes are possible with different SunSys products. Sun Chemical believes this versatility will help them take market share from existing food contact solutions like pre-laminated boards, and wax and laminate films.

O’Boyle adds: ‘Our new SunSys resistance coatings can be used on boxes, trays, wraps, liners, shells and bags for fast food, fried/roasted chicken, doughnuts, baked goods, pastries, frozen food, deserts, microwaveable meals, clam shells and more. ‘The resistance coatings also allow us to minimise the package structure; and [they] are recyclable and repulpable, thus reducing the environmental footprint.’


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