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Valio Becomes First User Of Tetra Pak Bio-Based Carton

Scandinavian dairy produce firm Valio has become the first to sell it goods in a 100% bio-based carton package.

The one-litre Tetra Rex Bio-based cartons are now appearing on supermarket shelves in Finland carrying its Valio Elia lactose-free milk drink.

Elli Siltala, marketing director at Valio, explains: ‘Valio is committed to increasing the share of renewable resources in its packaging material. We share a common vision of innovation and environmental responsibility with Tetra Pak and we are proud to be the first in the world to make our products available in a fully renewable carton package.’

The commercial use of the new product marks the culmination of a development initiative by Tetra Pak. The body of the bio-based Rex package is made of sustainably sourced paperboard sandwiched between layers of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film made from sugar cane. The opening – a TwistCap OSO 34 is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) formulated from the same crop.

The new carton is fully compatible with existing filling lines using Tetra Pak equipment operated by Valio.

Tetra Pak vice president for product management and commercial operations Charles Brand says: ‘To finally see fully renewable packages on shop shelves is a fantastic feeling – and bears testimony to the focused efforts of the many customers, suppliers and Tetra Pak employees involved in making this a reality. ‘[We] will continue, [to] look for ways to extend the fully-renewable concept to other parts of our portfolio without compromising safety, quality or functionality.’

The Valio Elia trail will run for two months and then be assessed. Tetra Pak will also search for other brands keen to burnish their green credentials with wholly plant-derived package.

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