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BOPP Mineral Oil Barrier Film Introduced By Innovia

Innovia Films has produced a new barrier film designed to prevent migration of mineral oil components into packaged dry foods.

Made of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), Propafilm RCU is designed to give protection against mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon (MOAH) particles for one and a half years.

Andy Sweetman, marketing manager for packaging and sustainability at Innovia, says: ‘It is exciting to be able to offer the market a cost-effective versatile film that ensures proven protection for dried foods. It is printable, and can be used on a range of machines, including vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal.

‘Propafilm RCU is ideal for pre-made bags and lamination to other films. This BOPP film offers the market a complementary alternative to our NatureFlex film that provides up to five years protection.’

The BOPP film will now be marketed at foodstuffs like biscuits, bakery goods, confectionary, teas and cereals. In addition to barrier performance, the acrylic-coated film has a low sealing threshold, a board sealing range and excellent optical performance, according to its manufacturer.

Innovia arrived at the optimum coat weight for Propafilm following intensive research. This was spurred by data compiled by Swiss regulators and published in late 2011 that found significant mineral oil migration into a range food.

Innovia has released the science used to design its Propafilm in a peer-reviewed white paper. This was published on 29 May in the journal Packaging Technology and Science.

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