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Total-RPC mulitlayer plastic jar combines clarity with increased shelf life

A platform for creating clear jars using injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) was launched on 14 October by co-developers Total and RPC Promens.

The new jars are designed for holding food products like baby foods, pasta sauces, instant coffee, and ready meals in retail applications. They are formed of an outer and inner surface of polypropylene separated by an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer barrier layer.

Total has developed a new line of metallocene-based polypropylene to work in the ISBM machinery. Once filled the plastic containers can undergo sterilisation or pasteurisation processing at temperatures in excess of 100°C.

The plan is to sell the containers in a range of common sizes where glass is currently the preferred material. The partners are looking to displace this material now the multi-layer can deliver the same barrier performance. This will allow brands to realise materials costs in production, lightweighting advantages during transport, and present the consumer and retailer with a pack that is safer and less prone to breaking.

Another advantage of the RPC-Total platform is that the plastic offers high transparency and gloss, so there is no negative impact on the shelf appeal of goods sealed in them.

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