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THEM becomes exclusive US distribution partner for UK bio food-contact inks

Flexible packaging provider Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (THEM) has announced it has become the exclusive US distributor of a new line of food contact inks and coatings.

The products have been developed by UK innovator Earthinks – and are intended for flexo and screen printing on a wide range of packaging substrates.

Earthinks CEO Jonathan Mack says: ‘All of our products are made from natural ingredients such as soy, starches, sugars, dextrin, tree sugars, cellulose and other polysaccharides – even if migration occurs it will not contaminate the product with any chemicals.’

This means there is less risk from silicone, mineral oil components, or heavy metal migrating into food; or the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during production. THEM goes on to note that Earthinks’ consumables give a ‘sharper image reproduction than standard inks,’ and are competitively priced.

The inks already meet US and German legislation for use in food packaging. THEM will particularly push them for use in single-serving flexible packaging formats; as well as the cosmetic and pharmaceutical segments.

THEM CEO Neil Kozarsky says: ‘We are very pleased to represent a company that offers the most natural printing inks currently available in the world. We anticipate that many of our supply chain partners and consumer brand customers will be equally impressed with the unique combination of environmental friendliness, performance, and competitive pricing.’

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