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Dow adds high-performance Innate resin set to packaging portfolio

On 28 October, Dow Chemical announced the introduction of a new multi-purpose packaging resin set.

Dow says its new Innate line of polymers offer ‘unmatched stiffness-toughness balance, processing ease, and improved sustainability.’ It adds that the multi-function product line can be adapted to packaging formats ranging from heavy-duty industrial shipping sacks to flexible food films.

In such applications it is asserted tests demonstrate that co-extruded films formulated from Innate exhibit ‘twice the abuse resistance compared to standard polyethylene resins on the market.’

The key to Innate’s performance is the use of a patented molecular catalyst and advanced process technology developed by Dow.

David Parrillo, global R&D director of packaging and speciality plastics at Dow, says: ‘The chemistry behind Innate resins allows customers to control properties like never before to create a new standard of performance through a combination of film stiffness, toughness and processability, all from one packaging resin.’

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