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Elmer’s secures exclusive deal to develop Liquiglide

Ohio-based Elmer’s Products has signed an exclusive development deal with the eponymous developer of Liquiglide – a coating technology that improves the flow of products inside a container.

Under the licensing agreement publicised on 24 March, Elmer’s now has the right to ‘explore Liquiglide’s breakthrough slippery coating technology to create innovative new products’ for consumer packaged (CPG) goods applications.

Liquiglide CEO and founder Dave Smith explains: ‘Liquiglide will provide Elmer’s with a significant competitive advantage, while showcasing their commitment to product innovation and environmentally friendly best practices. Working with market-leading firms like Elmer’s continues to validate Liquiglide’s technology and the value it brings across a broad spectrum of industries, including CPG.’

The Liquiglide process can be applied to a range of packaging materials – including those approved for direct food contact by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It works by creating a permanently wet liquid impregnated surface on the substrate.

Demonstrators have shown that this will mean customers can pour a range of viscous liquids – like tomato ketchup – more easily and extract the full contents from a treated container.

Joe Wetli, Elmer’s director of innovation and business development, says: ‘At Elmer’s, we are not only focused on inspiring creativity, we are focused on delivering an experience for our customers that is environmentally and socially responsible. Our partnership with the creative scientists at Liquiglide will help us access new technologies that can provide differentiation across our product portfolio.’