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Sappi launches barrier papers to specifically protect against mineral oil migration

Sappi has introduced two new paper grades with an integrated barrier layers to protect against mineral oil migration...

Sappi has introduced two new paper grades with an integrated barrier layers for use in the packaging of dry foods.

Bags and pouches made of the Algro Guard M and the Liene Guard M will protect dry food from the migration of mineral components for at least 15 months, according to the manufacturer.

The papers have been developed to assuage industry fears about the migration of components of mineral oil solvents used to print exterior cardboard or paper packs into their contents. A particular concern has been residual mineral oils from newsprint used in recycled paper packs. Sappi states that switching to its Guard M range for internal bags will permit brand owners to continue to use their existing 'recycled fibre-based folding boxes, shelf-ready packs and transport boxes.'

René Köhler, the product group manager for flexpack Sappi fine paper Europe, says: 'The integrated solution of mineral oil barrier functionality, combined with excellent heat sealing properties, minimise converting process steps and considerably reduce costs in the supply chain.'

The new food contact materials have been developed by Sappi in cooperation with BASF and Eurofins. The mineral oil barriers are mounted on the inside of the bag.

Liene Guard M is designed for use in inner bags and is available in weights from 80g/m2 to 120g/m2. The Algro Guard M is designed for use in primary packaging like pouches, sachets and wrappers. It has a blade coating the exterior to allow gravure printing onto the package. It can be bought in weights from 90g/m2 to 140g/m2.

The Guard M papers were first shown to industry at the Interpack 2014 conference in May. They are now available for sale.



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