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2019 Programme

Pre-conference workshop (Afternoon)

Pre-conference Workshop - December 2

  1. "Establishing Food-Contact Compliance in the European Union, the United States and China: The Challenges and Comparisons between the Jurisdictions from a Practical Perspective”

    This Keller and Heckman LLP workshop will provide an overview of how to conduct food-contact compliance assessments in the EU, the U.S. and China with case studies on plastic materials and articles and on paper and paperboard to more concretely highlight how the requirements in these jurisdictions deviate. The workshop will also address the technical requirements and, notably, how analytical and toxicity data may be used to help demonstrate compliance in all three jurisdictions despite the different regulatory frameworks. 


    14:00- 14:30 Registration & Welcome Refreshments


    14:30 - 15:45 Presentation 1: 

    • Main Framework and GMP requirements
    • Comparison of Approach and Concepts
    • Factors to Consider when Assessing Food-Contact Compliance (including Exemptions from Clearance or Positive List Requirements)


    15:45 - 16:15 Networking Break


    16:15 – 17:00 Presentation 2: 

    • Migration Testing Requirements
    • Toxicity Data Requirements
    • Leveraging Data to Achieve Compliance in all Three Jurisdictions


    17:00 - 17:30 Final discussion and Q&A with the speakers 


    17:30 End of the Pre-Conference Workshop


    Speakers include: 

    • Jeffrey Keithline, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP - USA
    • Hazel O’Keeffe, Partner,  Keller and Heckman LLP – Belgium
    • Tjoena Siere, Scientist, Keller and Heckman LLP – Belgium

Day 1 - Plastics Track

Day 1 - Tuesday, December 3

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing of Smithers

Session 1 - A Roadmap on FCM Legislations, Regulations & Compliances

  1. EU Commission Keynote Address

    Bastiaan Schupp | Legislative Officer - Food Contact Materials, DG SANTE of European Commission

  2. Smithers Pira Keynote Address: Assessment of the Results of the EC Evaluation Project Concerning the Existing FCM Legislation

    Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing of Smithers

  3. FCM Legislation Keynote Address: Updates on FCM regulations in EU and Enforcement Activities in the Member States

    Ing. Jitka Sosnovcová | Senior Scientist, Head of the National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials of National Institute of Public Health - Czech Republic

    • Updates on FCM legislation in last year in the EU
    • Current situation in recycled plastics
    • Problems and challenges in carrying out FCM official controls in EU
    • Monitoring activities in the field of FCM safety
  4. The Single-Use Plastcs Directive: Challenges Ahead

    Dr. Rachida Semail | Partner of Keller and Heckman LLP

  5. Networking Break

  6. The Way Forward for FCM & A Legislation - A Cross Sector Group Viewpoint

    Peter Oldring | Regulatory Regulatory Affairs Manager - Manager of Sherwin Williams (Ex Valspar)

    • What has cross sector group achieved
    • What was the outcome of the commission review of the Framework Regulation
    • The Cross Sector Group's viewpoint on the way forward
  7. Mutual Recognition as a Path to FCM Compliance

    Joan Sylvain Baughan | Partner of Steptoe & Johnson LLP.

    • Overview of Regulation 2019/515 (the New Mutual Recognition Regulation)
    • Procedures for Applying Mutual Recognition
    • What to Include in Your Mutual Recognition Declaration


  8. AN INTERACTIVE Q&A: How Does the Industry Work to Consolidate FCM Regulations?

    Speakers include: Steptoe & Johnson LLP, National Institute of Public Health - Czech Republic, and Sherwin Williams

  9. Networking Lunch

Session 2 – Spotlight on Risk Assessment, Safety, Flexible Packaging & Industry Approaches

  1. Raw material selection for printing ink – A case study on UV-Inks

    Paolo Bonamigo | Head of Product Safety Europe of hubergroup Deutschland GmbH

  2. A JOINT PRESENTATION: The Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) Approach in Food Safety Assessment

    Featuring: BASF

    • A Screening Tool to Assess the Safety of Substances with Limited Hazard Data

    Speakers include;

    • Dr. Gertrud Scherer, Senior Expert Product Stewardship, BASF SE – Germany 
    • Dominik Gebel, Junior Referent Product Stewardship Formulation Additives, BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH – Germany 


  3. Flexible Packaging Laminates - Recycling Options in the Existing Regulatory Framework

    Robert Broughton | Product Safety Manager of Amcor

  4. Networking Break

  5. Triple Safety Concept – An Approach for Risk Assessment of Non-harmonised FCM

    Dr. Monika Töennießen | Manager Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs – Global Food Safety of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

    • Data assessment of supplier information by product safety
    • Analytical assessment of raw materials and final products
    • Toxicological assessment of potential harms to health
    • Methods of risk assessment for NIAS
    • Communication of risk assessment through the supply chain
  6. Navigating Global FCM Regulations from the Bottom of the World – Industry Perspectives

    Tom Carr | Senior Packaging Technologist of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

    • It’s complicated, way too complicated!
    • Finding the right map.
    • Journeying with suppliers in a new ship
  7. AN INTERACTIVE Q&A: What Are the Future Trends for Effective Risk Assessment Processes?

    Speakers include: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, and Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

Session 3 – Migration Testing in Food Contact Materials

  1. New Bioplastic Listed As Food Contact Material – Testing Methods & Analytical Techniques

    Inge van Scholl | Project Manager Food Contact Materials of Triskelion

    • A focus on required migration testing and safety assessment related to oligomers
    • An example of the required petitioning work for listing a new bioplastic in EU 10/2011 will be presented
  2. Chair’s Closing Remarks

    Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing of Smithers

  3. Decernis User Meeting

  4. Networking Drinks Reception

  5. End of the conference

Day 2- Plastics, Paper & Others Materials Track

Day 2 - Wednesday, December 4

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshment

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing of Smithers

  3. Opening Keynote Address: Update on Japan’s FC Legislation

    Jeffrey Keithline | Partner of Keller and Heckman, LLP

  4. Micro Plastics Keynote Address: The Current Knowledge on Origin, Toxicology and Analytical Methods for Micro Plastics

    Dr. Ulrich Nehring | Managing Director of NEHRING Consultants GmbH

Session 4 – Food Contact Chemicals & Product Stewardship in FCM

  1. A Systematic Map on Migration and Extraction of Food Contact Chemicals

    Dr. Birgit Geueke | Scientific Officer of Food Packaging Forum Foundation

    • A systematic mapping protocol to integrate the scientific evidence on food contact chemicals (FCCs) that migrated or were extracted from food contact materials and articles
    • Providing data sources and can be used to recognize trends, enable systematic reviews and address knowledge gaps
  2. Networking Break

  3. Understanding the Challenges of Achieving Compliance for Food Contact Materials in a Food Factory Environment

    Judith Vermeulen | Food Safety Lead, R&D Department of Mars Wrigley

Session 5 – Composability & Circular Economy: Setting A Real Guidance

  1. Towards a Circular Economy in Food Packaging

    Dr. Dennis Bankmann | Global Business Development Manager Circular Economy, Packaging & Consumer Goods of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

    • Brief introduction to central Circular Economy concepts
    • Design principles for a Circular Economy
    • Our approach to support a Circular Economy for food packaging with adhesives and coatings
    • Regulatory aspects to consider
    • Examples and outlook
  2. Challenges & Opportunities for the Food Contact Plastics in the Circular Economy Age

    Dario Dainelli | Consultant of TÜV Rheinland

    • The EU Plastic Strategy, the Single Use Plastics Directive
    • New products, same or enhanced properties
    • The role of the food contact legislation ensuring safety in the new scenario
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Industry Challenges in Plastics Recycling, End-Of-Waste And Food Contact Material Safety

    Dr. Carolien Schophuizen | Expert Chemicals & Toxicology of Royal HaskoningDHV

    • Status of plastic recycling in the Netherlands and Europe
    • Industry (regulatory) challenges and developments
    • Innovation and possible solutions
  5. How to Assess Sustainable Packaging Solutions

    Dr. Manfred Tacker | Head of Department, Section of Packaging and Resource Management of University of Applied Sciences Vienna

    • Regulation and use of post-consumer recycling material in food contact - how to reach mandatory recycling quota in plastic packaging
    • Design for recycling exerts pressure on the use of plastic additives, printing inks and even polymer types - is there a new wave of prohibition coming?
    • How can the safety of recycles be assessed?

Session 6 – Concerns & Updated Approaches to NIAS

  1. A Repository of Hazard Information for Risks Assessments of NIAS in FCMs

    Dr. Michel Cassart | Senior Consumer Protection Manager of PlasticsEurope

    • A guidance to promote the transparent exchange of hazard information gathered by all actors of the Food Contact value chain
  2. NIAS Assessment: Harmonization of Information Exchange within the Supply Chain

    Dr. Lionel Spack | Manager for Packaging Chemical Safety of Nestlé

  3. Compliance and NIAS Assessment of PET Packaging’s During Development Phase

    Veerle Van Brempt | Global Regulatory and Packaging Lab Manager of Plastipak Europe

    • Study and evaluation of the composition (using documentation and supporting documents from suppliers)
    • NIAS screening on the pilot samples
    • Migration testing related to the intended use on pilot bottles
  4. Networking Break

Session 7 - Other Types of Food Contact Materials – Upcoming Changes

  1. A case study: Demonstration of Coatings Compliance

    Sarah Dubail | Packaging Coatings, Senior Regulatory Analyst of The Sherwin-Williams Company

    • How to demonstrate compliance for a non-hamonized sector (exemple of coatings)
    • Proposals for risk assessment (including NIAS)
  2. Approaches to Safety Assessments of Adhesives and Printing Inks for Regulatory Submissions in Europe

    Dr. Malcolm Driffield | Managing Scientist - Food Safety and Food Contact Material of Exponent International Ltd

    • Non-harmonised FCMs
    • Adhesives and printing inks
    • Safety assessment
    • Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS)
  3. A JOINT PRESENTATION: SHERPACK - An Innovative High Barrier, Renewable, Biodegradable and Recyclable Flexible Paper‐based Packaging Material

    Delivered by: Centre Technique du Papie

    (Focus on the Barrier to Mineral Oil)

    • Innovative high barrier bio-based material as an alternative to plastic materials such as PE and PP
    • Major process innovations
    • Modelling of the barrier to mineral oil

    Speakers include;

    Matthieu Schelcher, Manager, Centre Technique du Papier - France 

    Caroline Locre, Project Engineer – Functional Products & Surfaces – Food Contact, Centre Technique du Papier – France 

Session 8 – Understanding New Scenarios in the Food Contact Materials

  1. A CLOSING Q&A WITH SENIOR EXPERTS: Food Contact Materials And Brexit

    • Brexit and its impact on regulations
    • How the food industry is preparing for EU Exit


     Chaired by: Dr. Barry Podd, Consultant, Independent Contributor 

    Panellists include: 

    • Dr. Alistair Irvine, Manager, Food Contact Compliance, Smithers Pira – UK 
    • Dr. Ruud Rudolf Overbeek, Chief, Business Development & Strategy, Decernis LLC – USA
    • Dario Danielli, Sr Regulatory Advisory, Polymer Comply Europe – UK
  2. Chair’s Closing Remarks

    Alistair Irvine | Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing of Smithers

  3. Networking Drinks Reception

Day 3- Paper Track

Day 3 - Thursday, December 5

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshment

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Dr. Barry Podd | Consultant of Independent consultancy

  3. Keynote Address: Rethink, Review and Revise: Challenges of a Sustainable Future

    Jori Ringman | Director General of Confederation of European Paper Industry (CEPI), The Netherlands

    • How Paper and board products can be part of the solution to  lead the way in low-carbon circular bioeconomy

Session 9 – Evolving the Regulatory Environment: Current status & Future Priorities

  1. Regulatory Considerations for the Use of Biocides in Food Contact Paper and Board

    Dr. Anna Gergely | Director, EHS Regulatory of Steptoe and Johnson

    Dr Anna Gergely
    • EU and National Requirements
    • Communication in the Supply Chain – Need for Declaration of Compliance?
    • Review of the New Mutual Recognition Regulation
  2. Paper And Board for Food Contact: Latest Updates and Future Developments

    Eugenio Cavallini | Technical Manager of CEPI, Belgium

    • Assessment of the results of the EC evaluation project concerning the existing FCM legislation
    • State of the art of the diffusion and of the uptake of the P&B value chain's revised Food Contact Guidelines (published in April 2019)
  3. Networking Break

  4. Recyclability of Paper & Board Product – The Experience of the Italian Market

    Massimo Ramunni | Deputy Director General of Italian Paper Association & Managing Director of Italian Paper Technicians Association of ASSOCARTA & ATICELCA

    • Brief description of the Italian used paper collection system
    • Why to address the issue of recyclability of paper & board products
    • Description of the Aticelca and UNI standards for testing recyclability of paper & board products
    • How Italian market reacted
    • Scenarios for an European development

Session 10 – Safety, Communications & Supply Chain Issues in FCMs

  1. Product Stewardship in UPM Paper Businesses

    Kaisa Herranen | Senior Manager, Product Stewardship of UPM-Kymmene Corporation

    • Paper industry Harmonized Compliance Questionnaire (HQ)  and Pulp&Paper Value Chain Information System (P&P-VIS)
    • How we can benefit from HQ and P&P-VIS in compliance work
    • Ecolabels
    • New UPM  bio-based product developments in packaging area
  2. Creating Meaningful Value And Communication by Managing Food Safety Across the Whole Supply Chain

    Minna Kiviranta | Senior Manager, Product Safety of Stora Enso Packaging Solutions

    • Responsibilities and common practices
    • Who defines what information is adequate?
    • Successful communication creates value
  3. A case study: Product Safety Packaging - How Do you Ensure more than 200 Sites Deliver the Same Level of Safety?

    Marcello Pezzi | Product Safety Director of DS Smith plc

    • Establishing a working mechanism to ensure that all sites deliver the same level of product safety, regardless of the local regulations, customer specification, raw materials and process used
    • What are the main challenges to ensure this consistency of delivery? More importantly, how are these challenges overcome?
  4. Networking Lunch

Session 11 – Circular Economy, Bio-based Materials & Future Trends in Paper Industry

  1. The Role of Swedish Forest Industry in the Circular Economy – Introducing New Raw Materials in a Future Biobased Economy

    Carina Håkansson | Director General of Swedish Forest Industries Federation of Swedish Forest Industries Federation

    • How biobased products from the forest can contribute to the paper industry
    • Some updates about the circular economy regulations in Sweden
    • Part of the solution of climate change
    • Opportunities and challenges for the industry in the near future
    • How the Swedish Forest industry is working together with the Paper industry in Europe
  2. Search for Non-wood Fibre for Papermaking - The Use of Residual Flows in Packaging /Paper

    Jan Rops | Product Manager Inkjet of Crown Van Gelder BV

    • Alternative sources for wood fibres, like grass, tulip bulbs, Elephant Grass, apples, tomato plants, sugar beet, etc.
    • The PRO’s and the CON’s
  3. New Sustainable Food Contact Materials – Unlocking New Trends

    Jussi Lahtinen | Sustainable Packaging Solutions and Concepts, Senior Scientist of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

    • New fibre based materials on the packaging market
    • New biopolymers for paper/carton extrusion- and dispersion coating
    • A look into current developments within the industry including VTT’s own research
  4. Chair’s Closing Remarks

    Dr. Barry Podd | Consultant of Independent consultancy

  5. End of the conference