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2020 Agenda

Pre-conference Workshop - 19 October 2020 MON

Food Contact Master Class

  1. Submitting Food-Contact Petitions in China: Pitfalls and Challenges

    Led by Keller and Heckman LLP

    • Overview of Chinese Food Safety Law
    • Overview of Chinese Food-Contact Standards
    • Materials for Chinese Food-Contact Petitions
    • Petition Process
    • Case Study 
    • Advice
    • Q&A

Day One - 20 October 2020 TUE

Session 1: China Food Packaging System and GB Standards

  1. Enforcement of safety standards for food contact materials and NIAS compliance in China

    Marco Zhong, Prof./Director, National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Material (Guangdong), IQTC

    • Enforcement of safety standards for food contact materials in China
    • Latest safety standard for Material (paper & board, multi-layers materials, wood articles)
    • NIAS compliance
  2. Legislation – the new food safety law/enforcement of food safety regulation in China

  3. Petitioning for FCM in China

    • Governing Agency: CFSA; Governing Rules: Management Rules for the Administrative Approval of New Varieties of Food Related Products
    • Required materials 
    • Filing process
  4. Networking break

Session 2: Food Packaging Legislation in Other Asian Jurisdictions

  1. Change of Food Packaging Regulations in Japan

    Mitsuhiko Shigekura, Executive Director, JHOSPA

    The positive list style regulation for food utensils, containers and packaging began in June, 2020 in Japan. Synthetic resins are the target of this regulation at first. This presentation will explain this regulation referring documents which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has provided and updates of the latest PL notification as well as the notice of enforcement.

    Even before the enforcement of this regulation, Japanese trade group including JHOSPA performed self-restriction style management in this area. This presentation will show that this self-restriction style management is still effective to the observance of this legal regulation and introduce following two approaches by the industry.

    • to ensure the legal compliance of the member company
    • to expand the target materials.
  2. Food packaging legislation in Korea, India and Taiwai

    Yini Jin, Regulatory Technical Engineer, REACH24H


    • Legislation – Food Sanitation Act
    • Mandatory Standards – Standards and Specifications for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages 
    • “Letter of Advice” issued by MFDS to confirm the use of certain additives in FCMs


    • Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
    • Indian standards – Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards for plastics
    • Latest developments - India’s New Food Packaging Regulations became effective on July 1, 2019
    • Were any of Europe’s comments on the India draft regulation acted upon


    • Responsible Authorities
    • Standards and Requirements
  3. Networking lunch

  4. ASEAN country highlights

    Henky Wibawa, Executive Director, Indonesia Packaging Federation

    • Thailand: considers allowing recycled food-contact plastic (which could have a knock-on effect for packaging materials get exported from Thailand)
    • Indonesia: new draft FCM regulation which will enter into force on July 29, 2020
    • Malaysia
    • The Philippines
    • Vietnam
    • Singapore

Session 3: Global food contact regulatory landscape, in addition to Asia region

  1. Food contact regulatory landscape: Europe

    Alistair Irvine, Senior Manager, Food Contact Testing, Smithers

    This session will share the update on FCM regulatory situation in Europe, trends in compliance and how it would impact on development of food contact materials and food contact applications.

  2. Food contact materials to US market – US FCM programs and regulations

    Yan Gu, Toxicology specialist, Steptoe and Johnson LLP

    The presentation will introduce fundamental approaches and strategies for food contact materials and food additives entering the US market. The regulatory risk assessments and processes in different options for premarket safety review of food contact materials in the US will be discussed and compared. The US food contact regulation will focus on the FDA regulation and approach to the safety assessment of food contact materials, the Food Contact Notification (FCN) program. It will also give a brief overview of other options and risk assessment requirements for marketing food contact materials in the US.

  3. FCM and circular economy: Recent regulatory development in China, the EU, and U.S

    Amy Chen, Regulatory Consultant, Compliance & Risks

    This presentation will provide valuable insights regarding the legal framework on food contact
    material in plastic, in particular the single used plastic products including straws, plastic
    tableware and plastic food packaging. It focuses on recent regulatory developments in China,
    the European Union, and the United States of America, in the context of circular economy and
    sustainability. It aims to help food contact material manufacturers, suppliers, and users to have
    better understanding of their obligations under the law.

    China and the EU take similar approaches to impose restrictions on single use plastic.  The US, however, still does not have any restriction on single used plastics at the federal level. At the State level, California enacted sustainable packaging for the State of California Act and became the first State in the U.S. to tackle single use plastics.

  4. Networking break

Session 4: Considerations of food contact compliance

  1. Declaration of Compliance

    David Ettinger, Partner, Keller and Heckman

    • How to prepare declaration of compliance
    • Customer assurance obligations.
  2. GMP challenges and examples

    Chris Peloso, Research Scientist, Amcor

  3. Chair’s closing remarks

Day Two - 21 October 2020 WED

Session 5: Sustainability and safety in food contact packaging and materials

  1. Topic TBC

    Edwin Seah, Head of Sustainability & Communications, Food Industry Asia

    This session will share the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and safety the food and food contact industry are facing. Where we are on development and where the gap is, especially in Asia region.

  2. Requirements on FCM from a brand owner perspective

    Sylvain Rannou, NQAC Expert, Packaging Safety & Compliance in AOA, Nestle Quality Assurance Centre

    Hear from a global food brand owner on their requirements on FCM throughout the supply chain. And their approach of securing food contact compliance and safety.

  3. Case study on sustainability in FCM from a food service e-tailer

    Miao Hong, Senior Food Safety Expert, Ali Local Living

    Development of e-commerce boosts the realm of food service e-tailers. This session will share the approach of a food service e-tailer on sustainability and their work to improve the food contact material safety.

  4. Networking break

  5. Polymer recycling

    Dario Dainelli, Managing Director, Policy & Regulatory Affairs

    Polymer recycling: recycling of post-consumer plastics for food contact application, especially PET, is a reality in Europe as well as North America. This business is still in its infancy in Asia, where critical steps as the qualification of input materials represent a problem. The legislation in the Asian Countries is not developed like in other jurisdictions, but the business is evolving fast, and it may be worth discussing up to which extent the regulatory approach may evolve in particular to provide concrete answer to the sustainability of food contact plastics. 

Session 6: Case Studies of FCM in Different Applications on Compliance/Sustainability

  1. Case study of food contact packaging in paper & boards

    Linda Zhu, Senior Manager, Quality Systems and Compliance, HAVI

    A converter of paper/board packaging for food contact will share a case study of their products used in food contact application. Their approach of more sustainable food contact packaging.

  2. Case study of food contact packaging in plastics

    Bonnie Zhang, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Sealed Air

    Plastics play a huge role on food contact packaging; this session will be given by a converter of plastics packaging.

  3. Networking lunch

  4. Case study of food contact materials in kitchen appliances/ food contact detergent/ sanitizer

  5. Novel materials for food contact application

    Yuan Jiaqi, Business Product Stewardship Leader, DOW

    This session will share an introduction of novel materials for food contact application, which is used to replace conventional FCM for the purpose of safety/sustainability.

  6. Case studies on compliance of printing inks/adhesives /coatings for food contact

  7. Networking break

Session 7: Technical Consideration in Food Contact Materials

  1. Technical considerations in food contact safety - Chemistry

    Li Dan, Researcher, IQTC

  2. Technical considerations in food contact safety – toxicology and safety assessment

    Ellen Gao, CST Certified Toxicologist & Manager, Food Contact Material, Intertek

    • Toxicology requirement under different food contact regulation scheme, covering region of EU, US, China and Japan
    • Risk assessment method and procedure under food contact regulation
    • risk assessment of NIAS, an example

  3. Chair’s closing remarks