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Exclusive Interview with food contact compliance expert, Alistair Irvine

Ahead of the latest instalment of our Food Contact Training course in London, UK this September, we caught up with food contact compliance expert and course presenter, Alistair Irvine, to discuss the challenges facing the industry and why ongoing training is so important. Take a look at what he had to say below...

What do you consider to be one of the biggest challenges that the food contact industry is facing?

Alistair: The European legislation is particularly good at controlling the risk of substances migrating from plastics into foods. However, with the integration of new packaging materials designed to meet the green agenda, these may not fit in with the existing regulatory model. I foresee this to be one of the biggest challenges within our industry over the coming years.

Where do you think we will see the biggest changes in the food contact industry over the next 5+ years?

Alistair: I think that the drive to shift away from conventional plastic packaging towards more renewable and recyclable materials will be the single biggest driver for change over the next 5-10 years.

What can attendees expect from the upcoming Smithers Pira Food Contact Training course in September?

Alistair: A comprehensive introduction to food contact rules within the EU and USA and thoughts on what might come next from myself and our other expert presenters.

We will also provide our views on how the vexed issue of Brexit will affect food contact rules both within the UK and Europe. Plus, the training allows attendees a chance to network and connect with fellow professionals from across the food contact supply chain.  

Why is this training so important to the industry right now?

Alistair: We live in a period of significant change within the food contact world; as food companies and consumers become ever more demanding, we continue to see the ripple effect of this throughout the industry.

Having a solid grounding in EU and USA food contact regulations will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to prepare for the business environment both now and in the future.

Find our more about the upcoming Food Contact Training on 17-18 September 2019 in London here >>