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Neogen launches new food safety test lines

Michigan-headquartered food safety business Neogen announced the release of two new testing products on 3 August.

The first is for detecting the common food poisoning bacterium campylobacter. The company notes its new test kit can reveal campylobacter’s presence in as little as 18 minutes.

The testing product is being added to Neogen’s Ansr range, which already includes methods for detecting salmonella, listeria, listeria monocytogenes, and e-coli. The Ansr for Campylobacter has been independently verified by the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC).

Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of food safety, says: ‘Ansr for Campylobacter extends our Ansr product offering for the bacterial pathogens of greatest concern to the food industry, and will be very easy for laboratories to adopt, as it follows the same procedure of all our other Ansr kits.

‘The AOAC validation verifies the effectiveness of Ansr for Campylobacter’s approach of using an aerobic enrichment when testing for campylobacter. Traditional testing for the bacteria with microaerophilic enrichments can be very challenging, and lead to false negative results by killing any existing viable campylobacter.’

The second introduction from Neogen is AccuClean Advanced, a method for testing a food contact surface or equipment for proteins. When applied to a suspect area, it changes colour in 10 seconds if proteins are present. It can detect proteins at concentrations as low as 15μg/ml, according to the company.

Neogen’s manager of sanitation products Rob Soule says: ‘There is simply no easier, less expensive, or reliable method of quickly and accurately measuring protein residues on a surface than AccuClean Advanced. It is the perfect solution for many companies that want a quick indication of the effectiveness of their sanitation processes without the use of an instrument.’

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