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Ardagh finds new can applications with water and coffee

The metal packaging division of Luxembourg-based Ardagh has issued details of two new applications for its beverage can products.

The first is with German mineral water brand Rhodius Mineralquellen. Rhodius has taken the decision to sell its water, and an apple-flavoured drink in, aluminium cans again, having stopped using metal packaging over a decade ago. The company notes that the choice and design of the 330ml cans reflects a growing popularity of mineral water as a health-conscious beverage with German consumers who expect a premium-format packaging. The can also guarantees the sparkling drinks remain carbonated (fizzy) and are not affected by oxygen permeation. Ardagh adds: ‘the characteristic hiss upon opening the can creates a unique sensory experience and attests to the freshness of the packaged product.’

Lisa Hänsgen is product and public relations manager at Rhodius. She says: ‘With our can filling line close to the spring [in the Rhineland Palatinate], we are currently the only German mineral spring to can mineral water.

‘When we decided to relist canned mineral water, we closely cooperated with Ardagh Group right from the start. Together, we created a packaging design that reflects the premium character and naturalness of the product, while preserving the quality of the water - from the moment it is canned at the source until it is opened by the consumer.’

The second innovation features a new 250ml slim Nitro can. This incorporates a widget in its bottom that activates a nitrogen capsule to induce foaming when the can is opened and poured. The Nitro is being offered as a solution for the growing market for cold canned coffees, where it can replicate the frothing effect seen on traditionally made cappuccino servings.

Ardagh’s beverage product manager Adriana Escobar says: ‘The new Nitro can allows one to indulge in the quality, taste and texture of cold brew coffee, something previously exclusive to high-end coffee bars, [to] be enjoyed while relaxing or celebrating at home.

‘On the consumer front, this can assists brands in easily replicating the thick and foamy crema that nitro cold brew coffee lovers desire.’

The developer says the aluminium coffee can is fully compatible with existing filling lines.

The Smithers report The Future of European Food and Drink Packaging to 2020 forecasts differing prospects for these two beverage sectors. Canned water will see year-on-year growth of well over 15% for the next five years; but canned beverages like coffee and tea will show a marginal decline. Ardagh’s glass division has also been innovating for premium products. It has produced a new asymmetric blue glass design for Absolut brand vodka. The Absolut Facet limited edition bottles have been designed to echo the appearance of a cut gemstone. It was launched in Amsterdam on 19 October.