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Free Download – Smithers Industry Insight on extractables and leachables, and packaging

Managing materials and E&L for food contact creates broader opportunities for companies, says Industry Insight from Smithers.

The food contact and pharmaceutical industries are seeing more defined regulation of extractables and leachables (E&L), especially with the expanding use of polymers in packaging. A new ‘Industry Insight’ white paper from Smithers Pira addresses what’s being done on several fronts to remove, manage and control the risks associated with packaging materials and E&L.

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The packaging materials that commonly come in contact with food and pharmaceuticals are outlined in this white paper as well as trends in what is regarded safe and unsafe by regulators.

Because of the high volume of food consumption, food contact regulations have become very prescriptive. The Smithers Industry Insight on food contact and E&L details how key regulations in the US and EU have evolved to more accurately protect food and consumers. The white paper also identifies how the food and pharmaceutical industries define and codify regulations and details influential regulations that are dictating industry practices. The overarching regulatory principles that are applied across E&L for food and drug contact are also presented.

The Industry Insight also provides information on how the food and pharmaceutical industries are increasing efforts to improve materials through best practices in investigation, testing and research. Testing methods commonly used by both industries are compared and contrasted in this white paper as a model for understanding the common landscape and potential opportunities.  

The Food contact and E&L: the common cause of managing migration Industry Insight covers:

  • Definitions and rise to prominence
  • Materials used across different industries
  • E&L key regulations
  • Parameters of investigation, testing and research
  • Similarities and differences
  • Best practices

To see more information on food contact and E&L, download an executive summary of the Smithers Pira Industry Insight.

The Food contact and E&L: the common cause of managing migration white paper is part of the Smithers Pira Industry Insight series. For more information and to subscribe, visit the Food Contact Industry Insights product page.

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