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Holland Colours’ latest additive promises scuff-free PET packaging

Holcoslip 271 is a recently launched additive for manufacturers of PET packaging.

According to developer Holland Colours, when used in preform for injection moulded pack production, Holcoslip 271 can reduce the occurrence of scuffs and scratches on the containers that could lead to them being rejected.

This performance is achieved by the additive lowering the coefficient of friction between the preform and the process equipment, allowing it to detach more easily. Holland Colours notes the additive has no effect on the transparency of the PET and requires only half the loading of competing anti-slip platforms.

The Holcoslip chemistry is bio-based and is already approved for use in food contact applications in the EU; Holland Colours is pursuing registration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at this time. In addition it allows 10% more preforms to be loaded into a standard octabin, positively impacting shipping costs.

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