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ASTM introduces new oxygen transmission test

US standardisation body the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has published a new test standard – F3136.

It is now on sale for $43 (€39) in both hard copy and PDF format.

F3136 employs a dynamic accumulation method to calculate the rate of oxygen transmission through a polymer sheet or film. This will provide an alternative to other existing methods in use today to assess and calibrate products by plastics producers, converters, and test houses.

Nick Winters is a packaging consultant at Harbor Associates and an ASTM member. He says: ‘The development of the new standard was important because it validates commercial development of low-cost, durable and simple-to-use instrumentation for oxygen permeability testing.’

In addition to films and sheets, the ASTM authors note it can also be applied to ‘laminates, co-extrusions, and coated or uncoated papers or fabrics.’ Future work may be carried out to extend the new testing procedure to work with semi-permeable films too.

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