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Addivant Weston nonylphenol-free phosphite stabiliser gains FDA approval

The FDA has granted approval for the use of Weston 705, a nonylphenol-free phosphite antioxidant additive, in food contact plastics...

On 4 June, the US Food and Drug Administration granted approval for the use of Weston 705, a nonylphenol-free phosphite antioxidant additive, for use on food contact plastics.


Weston 705 is made by Connecticut firm Addivant. It has been designed as a direct replacement for the company's existing Weston TNPP phosphite; the company say it gives similar performance in protecting polymers from degradation. The maker asserts that Weston 705 delivers colour protection that is 10 times better than its competitors. It also allows sheets to be made thinner but retain the same strength. The superior phosphite solubility of the liquid Weston also 705 cuts the time factories need to spend cleaning their dies - enhancing productivity.

Approval from the federal regulator will allow Weston 705 to be used in a range of food contact applications; like snack food bags, carton liners and boil-in bags. As it is transparent, colourless and odourless it can also be employed in the increasingly important multi-layer films, and coated, laminated films.

Addivant CEO Peter Smith says: 'We developed our innovative Weston 705 liquid antioxidant with the future in mind. Not only does this technology overcome the drawbacks of conventional solid phosphites, it also enables our customers to capitalise on their latent technology to further enhance the polymer architecture - allowing them to meet the needs of the very latest in processing systems, end markets and applications.'


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