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The 2021 agenda will be announced soon!
Take a look at the topics discussed at the 2020 event.
Day One Agenda
  • Introduction & Why Do We Have Food Contact Rules?
  • EU Framework Regulation & GMP 2023/2006
  • US Regulatory Framework – Intro to Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act & Food Additives
  • EU Plastics Legislation: 10/2011 The Plastics in Contact with Foods Legislation
  • EU National Legislation: Paper/Coatings and the Relationship with National Regulations
End of Day
Day Two Agenda
  • US FCNs: Why Do They Get All the Attention?
  • EU Approval Process for Food Contact Substances
  • US GRAS and Other FDA Exemption Pathways
  • EU Understanding NIAS and Their Role in Food Contact
  • Food Contact in the Rest of the World (Asia, Latin America, and Other Notable Regions)
End of Day
Day Three Agenda
  • The Role of Supply Chain Communication in Compliance & EU Considerations
  • Fundamentals of Product Stewardship
  • US Considerations for Supply Chain Compliance in Light of FSMA and FSVP
  • Current EU Projects Under Consideration & Future Regulatory Landscape
  • Current FDA Plans & Future Regulatory Landscape
  • Wrap Up – Preparing Yourself for Current & Future Food Contact Regulations
End of Day