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Interview with PPG

Ahead of this this year's Food Contact Asia 2023, we spoke with Dr. Sylvain Rannou, Regional Manager, Food Contact Regulatory Compliance AP at PPG, to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation on 'Food contact regulations for coated metal: an industry perspective'.
Here's what he had to say...

Your presentation at this year’s Food contact Asia will cover overview Food Contact Regulatory Compliance in Asia Pacific. Why is it important for others in the industry to hear this message?

To be on the same level of understanding of what our industry needs to comply with for food contact materials before production, and to find ways to partner together to meet those requirements.

What are some of the key take-aways of your presentation?

An overview of the existing food contact regulations in Asia Pacific, which ones are most developed, and what are the upcoming concerns on chemicals of interest such as PFAS or bisphenols.

What are the main challenges in your day-to-day work relating to Food Contact Materials?

In-depth alignment of understanding on food contact regulatory requirements with our customers and suppliers.

What are some of the biggest opportunities gaining attention within the food contact materials and/or packaging industry?

Some of the latest regulatory updates or requirements on specific materials present potential new opportunities for development of new technologies/products.

What do you think will be some of the most interesting advancements in food contact materials in the near future?

PFAS-NI and coatings that do not use bisphenol as a building block.

Which presentation(s) are you most looking forward to hearing about at Food Contact Asia?  

The update on the China GB standards, in particular GB-4806.10 on coatings.