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Interview with Mérieux

Ahead of this this year's Food Contact Asia 2023, we spoke with Andrea Vittadello, Project Manager, Science Center at Mérieux NutriSciences Italia, to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation on 'COMPOSTABLE FOOD CONTACT MATERIALS: INTERNATIONAL EXPORT IS A QUESTION OF RULES'. Here's what he had to say...


Your presentation at this year’s Food contact Asia will cover the Match between compostability and Food contact of these packaging . Why is it important for others in the industry to hear this message?

It is important to get that in design phase the end of life and safety compliance  should be evaluated together to be concrete in timing and results

What are some of the key take-aways of your presentation?

The pillars  for the compostability evaluation are the same world wide but the rules, standard, certifications  and testing are not overlapping.
The characteristics of a packaging that is suitable for Biodegradability like Biopolymers and/or fiber based materials affect the behavior in food contact application.

What are the main challenges in your day-to-day work relating to Food Contact Materials?

Be update in the regulation requirements and scientific and technological approach for  compliance especially in international and not harmonized perspective. Move the risk assessment approach to a concrete plan of evaluation and testing.

What are some of the biggest opportunities gaining attention within the food contact materials and/or packaging industry?

The change that will come from drivers like  laws and commitments  Even if it is a challenge especially for not a certain pathway and timing a window of opportunity are  open from reuse to recycled content.


What do you think will be some of the most interesting advancements in food contact materials in the near future?

Barrier for fiber based and for plastic materials with recycled content and new biobased material that will cover some special applications like PHB.


Which presentation(s) are you most looking forward to hearing about at Food Contact Asia? 

For sure US State Regulations of PFAS in food packaging because it is a good bridge  of connection between  health  and environmental sustainability even the matter of concern is so difficult.