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  • NEW Communicating Compliance in the Food Contact Supply Chain (Oct 2015)    access now
  • Legislative Requirements for Food Contact Papers in Europe: an Introduction (Sep 2014)   access now
  • EU Legislation on Food Contact Plastics: EU Regulation 10/2011 (Feb 2014)   access now
  • EU Food Contact Legislation Basics - an Expert Introduction (Dec 2013)   access now
  • Obtaining FDA Approval for New Food Contact Substances - an Introduction (Sep 2013)   access now
  • Developments with the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) (Nov 2012)   access now
  • Mineral Oil in Recycled Paper and Board Packaging (Oct 2012)   access now
  • Overview of Global Food Contact Regulations Beyond Europe and North America (Nov 2011)  access now
  • EFSA Data Requirements for Listing Engineered Nanomaterials for Food Contact Applications (Sep 2011)  access now
  • Nanotechnology in Food Contact Applications (Nov 2010)  access now
  • Plastics Implementation Measure (Oct 2010)  access now
  • Food-Contact Compliance: Colourants, Coatings and Adhesives (Apr 2010)  access now