P&P 2016 Programme

Plastics Track - Wednesday 7 December

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Dr. Alistair Irvine | Food Contact Compliance of Smithers Pira

Sustainable packaging developments

  1. Use of recycled plastics in FCM: chemistry considerations – case studies of contamination and analysis

    Dr Roger Pearson | President Analytical Services of Aspen Research Corporation

  2. Active and intelligent materials aiding recycling: the development of invisible markers on food packaging

    Prof Edward Kosior | Managing Director of Nextek Limited

    • A new way of rapidly sorting packaging into high purity streams (> 99%) has been developed based on intelligent labels with invisible markers 
    • Full-scale commercial optical sorting trials utilized PP, HDPE and PET as reference materials. 
    • Low marker concentrations 
    • Packages labeled with the invisible markers were positively sorted from mixed packaging waste to achieve a calculated purity great than 99.5%, which exceeds the EU standards for food-grade HDPE recycling


  3. Networking refreshment break

  4. Bioplastics and food contact in the circular economy

    Dr Jane Muncke | Managing Director of Food Packaging Forum Foundation

    • Overview of bioplastics for food contact
    • Sustainability and the circular economy concept
    • What does the circular economy concept mean for food contact?

NIAS - migration

  1. Evaluating migration of oligomers from food contact polymers

    Dr Roland Franz | Head of Dep. Product Safety and Analytics of Fraunhofer Institut Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung, IVV

    • Are oligomers NIAS’s or quasi-monomers?
    • Analysis of oligomers
    • A quick semi-experimental approach to migration evaluation
    • Where are the safe migration limits?
  2. Innovation on a proposal to introduce a new legislation

    Dario Danielli | Director Analytical & Regulatory Affairs of SealedAir and representative | European Plastics Converters Association, EuPC

  3. Networking lunch

  4. How to successfully implement FACET

    Peter Oldring | Regulatory Affairs Manager (Europe) of The Valspar (UK) Corporation

  5. Panel session: Managing along the chain when there is no harmonisation

    Moderator: Dr Alistair Irvine, Food Contact Compliance, Smithers Pira

    Panellists include:

    Peter Oldring, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Valspar

    Robert Broughton, Product Safety Manager, Amcor

    Further panellists to be announced shortly

  6. Networking break

Food industry concerns and perspectives on FCM packaging compliance

  1. Tesco’s perspective on food packaging safety: industry considerations when supplying consumers

    Paul Earnshaw | Packaging Manager of Tesco

  2. Nanoparticles in plastics materials for food contact applications

    Marta Lara | Head of Regulatory Affairs Food Contact Materials of ITENE

    • Potential of nanoparticles for the development of novel food contact materials
      • Inorganic nanoparticles
      • Biobased nanoparticles
    • Examples on plastic materials additivated with nanoparticles for food contact applications.
    • Legislative aspects/status in using nanomaterials in plastic materials for food contact
  3. Chair's closing remarks

Decernis User Meeting

  1. Decernis User Meeting

    Kevin Kenny | Chief Operating Officer of Decernis

  2. Networking drinks reception

    Join us after the Decernis User meeting to network and continue conversations in a more relaxed environment

Plastics and Paper Track - Thursday 8 December

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Dr. Alistair Irvine | Food Contact Compliance of Smithers Pira

European regulatory updates

  1. Update from the European Commission

    Bastiaan Schupp and Jonathan Briggs of European Commission

    Hear from Bastiaan Schupp on plastics and Jonathan Briggs on paper legislation updates. 

  2. National updates from FAVV/FASFC Belgium: improving the industry’s understanding of FCM legislation

    Caroline de Praeter | Food Safety Expert (FCM- Labelling) of FAVV

  3. Networking break

Global regulatory updates

  1. Hot topics in FDA compliance and updates on FCM entering USA

    Joan Sylvain Baughan | Partner of Keller and Heckman, LLP

  2. Post-market management of food contact materials in China

    Heng Li | Associate of Mayer Brown JSM Beijing Representative Office

    • An overview of the legal framework applicable to food contact materials including the latest legislative development
    • A comparative study of the food safety regime and the product quality regime with respect to food contact materials (i.e. which regime applies and when)
    • Post-market challenges faced by food contact materials suppliers, such as in food recall
    • Tips for food contact materials suppliers on post-market management
  3. Dealing with international regulation changes: an international company’s perspective of trading throughout the World

    Robert Broughton | Product Safety Manager of Amcor

  4. Networking lunch

Facilitated roundtable discussions

  1. In-depth discussions on hot topics for plastics and paper as FCMs

    Roundtables will be held on a number of topics for you to get the opportunity to deep dive into key topics. Confirmed moderators include Danone, Amcor, Smithers Pira, Keller and Heckman LLP, Viaware and Henkel.

    Roundtables will provide you with a more tailored way of learning and way to explore the experience of others. Led by an expert facilitator, you will be given the opportunity to go into real depth on key topics through a discussion-based format.

    You will have the chance to participate in two discussions lasting 45 minutes each, therefore you will choose 2 topics and swap halfway through the session.

    Do you have a topic that you feel would work well as a roundtable discussion? Do this as well as or instead of a presentation. Discussions will cover both plastics and paper topics.

    Confirmed roundtables include:

    1. A food brand’s perspective on packaging safety

    Marie-Hélène Bani-Estivals, FCM Food Safety Leader, Danone Food Safety Center


    2. How best to manage compliance documentation through the supply chain particularly relating to NIAS

    Robert Broughton, Product Safety Manager, Amcor


    3. Perspectives on differences in global regulations and how to overcome them

    Joan Sylvain Baughan, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP and Rachida Semail, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP


    4. The consequences of Brexit for food contact

    Dr Alistair Irvine,  Food Contact Compliance,  Smithers Pira


    5. Data management & communication in the supply chain of food contact materials

    Kris Callaert, Food Contact Coach, Viaware


    6. How to obtain an improved risk assessment for food packaging

    Dr Monika Toenniessen, Manager Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs - Europe, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA


    7. Responding to stories in the press! Is science the way to go or are there other options to pursue?

    Dr B.D. Podd, Independent Consultant 


    8. Bioplastics and food contact

    Dr Ioan Paraschiv, Chemistry and Analytics, Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH

  2. Networking break

Non-harmonised: Inks and coatings

  1. Printing inks between legislative demands and self-regulation: updates the German Ordinance and new EuPIA GMP compliance

    Dr Martin Kanert | Executive Manager of European Printing Ink Association - EuPIA

    • On 5th July 2016, Germany notified its draft “Printing Ink Ordinance” to the European Commission, pursuant to Directive 98/34/EC. The impact on the food packaging supply chain will be discussed 
    • In Switzerland, printing inks intended to be applied on the non-food contact surface of food packaging are regulated since 2010 (Section on Food Packaging Inks of the Swiss Ordinance of Materials and Articles). Commonalities and differences with the draft German “Printing Ink” Ordinance will be presented
    • In March 2016, EuPIA published a completely revised version of its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which aims to assist in controlling food safety hazards in the design and manufacture of inks, varnishes and coatings designed to be printed onto Food Contact Materials (FCM), and formulated for use on either the non-food contact or the food contact surfaces of food packaging and articles intended to come into contact with food. Products developed and manufactured in compliance with this GMP are supporting manufacturers of food contact materials in supplying products compliant to the applicable legislation in Europe for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food such as the Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, and GMP Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006. The main features of this new GMP will be presented
    • Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) are increasingly in the focus of the FCM community. EuPIA’s concept how to deal with NIAS in printing inks for food contact materials will be presented
  2. National European regulations for non-harmonised FCM inks and coatings

    Rachida Semail | Partner of Keller and Heckman, LLP

  3. Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of Day Two

  4. Plastics and Paper Track networking drinks reception

    This drinks reception will give you a chance to network not only with peers who work with the same material as you, but also your counterparts from the other section of the audience

Paper Track - Friday 9 December

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Dr B.D. Podd | Independent Contribution of Independent Consultant

Complex & new materials

  1. Substances of concern: How to deal with the fallout and identifying alternatives

    Dr B.D. Podd | Independent Contribution of Independent Consultant

    • Why certain substances become demonised in the public perception: are they as unsafe as people think?
    • How to approach these substances when responding or assessing the risk from a scientific point of view.
    • Are there alternatives for these substances? Are they legitimate, viable or necessary from a business point of view? 
    • Can the reaction and backlash from concerning substances from happening with other existing or future substances? What lessons have been learnt and how to prevent the same issue occurring in the future
  2. Managing the food contact safety of biodegradable paperboards globally

    Katja Tuomola | Product Safety Manager of Metsä Board

  3. The complexity of recycling and using recycled paper/board from a company point of view

    Marcello Pezzi | Food Contact Manager - European Paper and Packaging of DS Smith Packaging Ltd

  4. Networking refreshment break

  5. The ins and outs of food safety & cartons

    Jan Cardon | Advisor of European Carton Makers Association (ECMA)

    • The carton food safety journey
    • Guidance included in the ECMA GMP
    • How to demonstrate compliance?
    • Interaction with customers
  6. Panel: Good manufacturing practices along the supply chain: what does it mean and what are the differing challenges?

    Moderator: Dr B.D Podd, Independent Consultant

    Panellists include:

    Marcello Pezzi, Food Contact Manager - European Paper and Packaging, DS Smith

    Heinz Traussnig, Director Product Safety and Compliance, Meyr Melnhof Karton

    Martin Kanert, Executive Manager, EuPIA

    Further panellists to be announced

Working towards harmonisation

  1. Advancement of the P&B supply chain activity on a Harmonised Measure

    Eugenio Cavallini | Technical Manager of CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries), Belgium

    • A picture of the situation of harmonisation of FCMs in EU
    • Why is a harmonised specific measure for P&B in contact with food needed?
    • The structure of the P&B supply chain proposal on harmonisation
    • Details on the state of the art of the documents that comprise the proposal
    • Upcoming steps and developments
  2. Networking lunch

Non-harmonised: Adhesives and coatings

  1. Migration testing of adhesives – a complex matter

    Dr Matthias Frischmann is speaking on behalf of FEICA

    • FEICA, the Association of the European adhesives and sealants industry, has prepared a testing guidance on adhesives
    • Good practices for how to perform migration analysis are provided
    • Limitations and pitfalls of the widely used standardized test procedures according to plastics regulation (EU) no. 10/2011 are discussed
  2. Barriers like Foodboard™: Harmonisation issues, safety vs environmental considerations, certifications, recyclability and biodegradability

    Heinz Traussnig | Director Product Safety and Compliance of Mayr-Melnhof Karton

    • Problems due to not harmonized regulation
    • Discussion on safety on recycled fibers vs environmental demands
    • Barrier like Foodboard™
    • Foodboard™ food contact certificates, recyclable, bio-degradable
  3. Dealing with lack of harmonisation for adhesives

    Dr Monika Toenniessen | Manager Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs - Europe of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

    • Challenges and solutions when dealing with adhesives in FCM
    • Lack of European legislations and dealing with national regulations: approaches and solutions
    • Practical approaches of GMP from the regulations to reality
    • Company’s perspective on adhesive industry, how to improve for FCM and hopes for the future 
  4. Chair's closing remarks and close of P&P 2016