Pre-Conference Workshop 2017

The food contact workshop took place prior to Global Food Contact's two day conference.

Title: Product Stewardship for Food Contact Materials Best Practices & Special Issues in the EU and US

This workshop will be a lively and timely exploration of what you need to be thinking about as a food contact professional who must contend with EU or US requirements.   Eric Greenberg and Alistair Irvine will examine a range of current topics that will help sharpen your practices and keep you alert for future developments. The course will provide you with:

  • A brief introduction to the legislation and why information transfer is important
  • Documentation requirements and best practices under the EU and FDA systems
  • Information on how to handle non-food contact issues such as proposition 65
  • Guidance on how to cope with the ever moving landscape arising from scientific developments and public health concerns in the media.

There will also be plenty of time for discussion, so please bring along any hot topics you would like to discuss.

Tickets to the workshop are priced at €499 + VAT. 

N.B. Only delegates to the conference are eligible to attend the workshop.